Tailor made

Few examples of our recent tailor made projects, please visit our blog to find out more about our previous projects and activities:

1.    Custom made ceramic flower pots


OEM project, from hand drawing to final product including challenging application of client's artwork on the two-piece product.

2.    Customized backpack4

We worked with the existing design of the backpack using custom dyed fabric to match client's brand.

3.    Custom branded soap holder6

We used an existing soap holder but to assure a long lasting branding we produced a brand new tooling that included client's logo.

4.    Dental floss7

This is an example of relatively straight forward project – applying logo on existing product. The main challenge was to keep the details of the complicated logo intact on the small size product.

5.    Custom made shoe horns13

Shoe horns produced according to client's design. Brand new tooling that included client's logo was required.

6.    PU Stress ball12

Tailor made design of PU stress ball – a computer game character. Challenging design to produce the tooling for in order to make it as close as possible to the original character while still feasible for production.

7.    Silicone ashtray11

Simple design of the ashtray but with complicated 5 colours direct printing on a surface that is not the easiest to print on.

8.    Rugby shirt8

Tailor made rugby shirt made of custom dyed fabric with branding as a combination of silkscreen and embroidery.

9.    Set of cap and T-shirt in matching washed out colours16

Tailor made set of cap and T-shirt. The goal was to achieve matching washed out worn out look of two garment items, each made of different material.

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